Vintage Airliners book cover

Vintage Airliners: A Collection of Vintage Photographs 

ISBN: 978-0-9-827728-4-3


Most people don't know that lounges, sleeper compartments and commuter airliners are not new.Turing the pages of Vintage Airliners transports a reader from the first commercial passenger aircraft including the early Ford Tri-Motor, Curtiss Condor and Kingbird to the Douglas DC-1 and DC-3 and concludes with the early jet age of the Comet and 707.


Readers will find exciting interior pictures of early aircraft and the luxury aircraft of the 1950s.  Looking over the pages of Vintage Airliners is like visiting a dozen museums while sitting in the comfort of your own home. 



Womens Work in WWII Book Cove

Women's Work In WWII -  Millions of working women break down the barriers of gender discrimination.

ISBN:978-0-9827728-6-7 Hardcover         ISBN:978-0-9827728-8-1 Softcover 


Women working in WWII provided the proof that dispelled the perception that women could not be equal to male workers.  Their productivity surprised the enemy and the nation’s leaders. Women's Work in WWII tells the history of millions of women working in thousands of roles with minimal training and no experience but fully confident that they were equal to filling the roles of men they replaced.


It tells the chronological story about the zigzag social and political developments that enabled women to eventually gain equal employment in thousands of jobs coupled with the parallel story of WWII. After the war when these same women worked in and with Congress, with the president, the unions and across the courts. Their goal was simple, restore equal pay for equal work and provide a workplace that is free from gender discrimination.


The book uses over 400 vintage photos to bring life their accomplishments. It's historical documentation that correlates to today’s new age struggles of how to make a difference.

Softcover $31.95   Hardcover $40.00

Helicopte Evolution Book cover

Helicopter Evolution A Collection of Vintage Rotorcraft Photographs
ISBN: 978-0-9827728-2-9             


Helicopter Evolution shares vintage images, 1907 thru 1974, of the rotorcraft and the creative visionaries who experimented with new rotorcraft designs continually pushing the envelope.  Featuring a foreword by Nickolai Sikorsky, the book shows the inventions, improvements and advancements of helicopters that were captured on film and have been lost or forgotten for decades. 


The book shares a private archive of vintage commercial photographs seldom seen that include all types of rotorcraft photographs  including; American Helicopter, Bendix, Brantley, Cessna, Curtis-Wright, and Curtiss-Wright, de Bothezat, Domain, Firestone, Helicopter Engineering, Mc Culloch, Marquardt and Roteron. Many other better known helicopter company are included like: Boeing, Sikorsky, Hiller, Piasecki, Kaman and Kellett. Each photograph is accompanied by informative narrative often provided from the original press release.



Cessna Sensations book cover

Cessna Sensations A Collection of Vintage Photographs           

ISBN: 978-0-9827728-0-5



Enjoy a nostalgic look at Cessna aircraft during the 1940s, 1950s and early 1960s, through ninety pages of vintage photographs and interesting, informative text. See the early aircraft when they were photographed new. The fact that many of the aircraft portrayed in this nostalgic look back are still flying is a testament to the design, craftsmanship and pilot enjoyment they provided. 


If you learned to fly, or spent time with Cessna aircraft, these unique images will rekindle many memories.Sit back and take a ride through Cessna's history including the WWII aircraft, transports and the golden years of aviation. Cessna sells this book thru the company's flying club. 



Portals into the Sky book cover

Portals into the Sky - A collection of Vintage Cockpit Photographs  ISBN: 978-0-9827728-1-2  


Opening this book’s cover lets a reader step back in time with factory fresh cockpit photographs of over 100 aircraft. Readers see large cockpit detail photographs; an aircraft view is inserted for less known aircraft. Each aircraft is identified and interesting narrative is included that provide a glimpse into many obscure or forgotten plane details.

Readers have told us that they look at the photographs time and time again seeing new details each time they look at their favorite aircraft. There is an emphasis on aircraft of the mid-1940s through 1950s. 


Bomber aircraft John Cilio author

American Airpower: Bombers 1935-1960 Vintage Aviation Photographs from WWII, Korea and the Cold War  ISBN: 978-0-9827728-7-4  



As you turn the pages of American Airpower, you will see surprising vintage photographs of each of the bombers, dive bombers and fighter bombers that helped to create American airpower. There are fact filled narratives on each of its 120 pages with more than 140 photographs, most not seen in decades. This is the perfect book for the aviation or Warbird enthusiast. Readers tell us they look its pages time and time again seeing new detail on each visit.



Air Racing History book cover John Cilio author

Air Racers Photographs of the contests, people and aircraft that raced through time 1909-1949    

ISBN: 978-0-9827728-5-0  



Air racing has been around almost since the beginning of aviation. The competition started soon after there was a second aircraft. The Wright brothers are credited with advancing the theory of powered flight in 1903 but many inventors mimicked or even copied their designs in an attempt to improve upon the idea of powered flight.


Initially, competitions were for individual accomplishments like altitude or height, as it was referred to originally, speed or even time in the air. Fast forward thru the years and learn about the evolution of the air racing in the 1920s to what became the National Air Races. Learn about some of the difficulties and courageous winners of the Bendix, Thompson, SOHIO and Goodyear Trophies.  As the decade of the 1940s ended so did an era.   The book closes with the 1949 Cleveland Air Races.