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Vintage Airliners

A Collection of Vintage Photographs

Vintage Airliners

Vintage Airliners: A Collection of Vintage Photographs 

ISBN: 978-0-9-827728-4-3


Most people don't know that lounges, sleeper compartments and commuter airliners are not new.Turing the pages of Vintage Airliners transports a reader from the first commercial passenger aircraft including the early Ford Tri-Motor, Curtiss Condor and Kingbird to the Douglas DC-1 and DC-3 and concludes with the early jet age of the Comet and 707.


Readers will find exciting interior pictures of early aircraft and the luxury aircraft of the 1950s. You'll see surprising lounge photographs with people enjoying a drink while they traveled around the world by propeller driven aircraft. American Airlines, United, Delta, Northwest, TWA, Pan American, Eastern, National, KLM, Australian National Airlines, Mohawk, Capital and dozens of other carriers are represented in seldom seen photographs. Looking over the pages of Vintage Airliners is like visiting a dozen museums while sitting in the comfort of your own home. 


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