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Books and presentations highlighting a number of entertaining topics

John Cilio is a storyteller who through presentations and books share topic insights as if you were there, at the moment looking over the shoulder of the photographer or the event. Military, civilian, commercial, or private topics are all presented as a unique element of history.

All of John Cilio's presentations are multi-media delivered either in-person or virtual, zoom. We offer more than two dozen historical talk topics  The audience laughs, sighs and learns over the course of 50 minutes. I am a member of the Organization of American Historians and the Association for the Study of Connecticut History.

Upcoming presentations:



>Spymistresses: A story of Allied women spies of WWII - 2/29 Brookfield Senior Center, Brookfield, CT, in

person at 1PM

March - 2024

> March 5 - The History of Electric Cars: at Newtown Library, Newtown, CT, via zoom at 7 PM


> March 7 - Spymistresses: A story of Allied women spies of WWII: Granby Library, Granby, CT

                      via Zoom at 6:30 PM

> March 11 - Private session, Westport Women's Club


> March 18 - Women's Work In WWII: Cheshire Library, Cheshire, CT in person,

> March 20 - Women's Work in WWII: Bishops Corner Senior Center, West Hartford, CT in person @ 1

> March 25 - The Sport of Prohibition: Granby Senior Center, Granby, CT in person 10 AM

>March 28 - Six remarkable achievements by women that changed the world: Cheshire Senior Center,

                       Cheshire, CT in person 1:30 PM

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