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Helicopter Evolution

A Collection of Vintage Rotorcraft Photographs

Helicopter Evolution A Collection of Vintage Rotorcraft Photographs
ISBN: 978-0-9827728-2-9             


Helicopter Evolution shares vintage images, 1907 thru 1974, of the rotorcraft and the creative visionaries who experimented with new rotorcraft designs continually pushing the envelope.  Featuring a foreword by Nickolai Sikorsky, the book shows the inventions, improvements and advancements of helicopters that were captured on film and have been lost or forgotten for decades. 


The book shares a private archive of vintage commercial photographs seldom seen that include all types of rotorcraft photographs  including; American Helicopter, Bendix, Brantley, Cessna, Curtis-Wright, and Curtiss-Wright, de Bothezat, Domain, Firestone, Helicopter Engineering, Mc Culloch, Marquardt and Roteron. Many other better known helicopter company are included like: Boeing, Sikorsky, Hiller, Piasecki, Kaman and Kellett. Each photograph is accompanied by informative narrative often provided from the original press release.


Helicopter History John Cilio Author

Review: Helicopter Evolution A Collection of Vintage Rotorcraft Photographs


"A fascinating book that has given me an entirely new appreciation for the helicopter industry and its pioneers."   Elan Head, Editor-in-Chief, Vertical Magazine

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