Women's Work in WWII


Women's Work In WWII -  Millions of working women break down the barriers of gender discrimination.

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Women working in WWII provided the proof that dispelled the perception that women could not be equal to male workers.  Their productivity surprised the enemy and the nation’s leaders. Women's Work in WWII tells the history of millions of women working in thousands of roles with minimal training and no experience but fully confident that they were equal to filling the roles of men they replaced.


It tells the chronological story about the zigzag social and political developments that enabled women to eventually gain equal employment in thousands of jobs coupled with the parallel story of WWII. After the war when these same women worked in and with Congress, with the president, the unions and across the courts. Their goal was simple, restore equal pay for equal work and provide a workplace that is free from gender discrimination.


The book uses over 400 vintage photos to bring life their accomplishments. It's historical documentation that correlates to today’s new age struggles of how to make a difference.

Women's Work in World War II

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Review: Women's Work In WWII -  Millions of working women break down the barriers of gender discrimination.
"This is an amazing book that provides the stories of the women who were the unsung heroes in World War II and who established the beginning of recognition and equality for women in the workplace.  Reading the stories left me with an enormous respect and admiration for the women who never questioned whether or not they could learn the skills and accomplish the work needed, but rather seemed to say how could I not?  This is a book for students and working women alike – you cannot put it down- and with every page you increase your knowledge about the war and enhance your respect for the women who were there."
Jeanette Perlman - Adjunct Associate Professor,  NYU, School of Continuing and Professional Studies