The Destiny of One

WWI has a number of enduring legends but none greater than that of the contribution made by 38 American aviators flying in the Escadrille Lafayette . They were Americans, flying for the French before America declared war. 

The U.S. volunteer unit started with seven distinguished Americans, some were accomplished pilots and eventually expanded to 38. Aviation was only 13 years old in 1916.  Their exploits and contributions were so well known that after the war, more than 4,000 claimed to have flown with the unit. The morale boost to the French far surpassed their small numbers, these American men were bigger than life in the eyes of all countries; France, America and Germany.

Enjoy a fifty-minute discussion and photo exposé about WWI, the Lafayette Escadrille fliers, their machines and mascots. They were courageous, high spirited patriots. Their flying skills unsurpassed, their mascot names, Whiskey and Soda, speak to the humor they carried in their hearts while facing death on a daily basis.