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Dope, Fabric and Guts

True Stories about the earliest fliers as they invented the future


This book shares many essential and not-so-essential stories and photographs about early heavier-than-air flying machines and those pilots associated with them. Over time their flying machines would be called aeroplanes and still later, aircraft. The early successes of the Wright brothers and the French, Voisin brothers, quickly fade and their technological trailblazer status falter. Others took their place-making discoveries and advanced technologies to enhance aviation.


This book uses early postcard collections and vintage photograph images to share a perspective of those early flyers before WWI, as they created history. Each postcard or image has associated stories about the aircraft, its designer or pilot featured on the page. Both men and women early pilots are featured.


These fliers would invent their future, what we now call history. 

  • 170 pages with images and almost forgotten stories

  • Detailed bibliography

  • Limited edition, numbered 300 copies

A earlybird flyer book

Limited to 300 signed/numbered copies.

$32 - free shipping   

Page 33 sample from the book Dope, Fabric and Guts
Sample page 34 from Dope, Fabric and Guts
Bibliography from Dope Fabric and Guts
Sample page 34 from Dope, Fabric and Guts
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