Redesigned a Targeted B2C Audience Program

Situation: An organization had been communicating electronically with a hodgepodge mix of customers, caregivers, subject interested individuals and company staff for two years. The organization focused on critical behavioral health issues like Autism, Substance Abuse and similar subjects. There was little to no growth in the audience size and there were no metrics regarding engagement. There were business questions about the value of the communications, what if any engagement with the topics was being generated and it was unclear if people were even participating in monthly webinars. 


Actions: The organization's program moved its operations from an agency to my team initially for deployment and tracking services.  After building trust in the digital leadership and marketing expertise we worked with the organization's creative teams, subject matter experts and management hierarchy to begin marketing campaign redesigns. In parallel programs we addressed se

gmented target audience growth and engagement objectives, creative changes to deliver on the true value proposition of the various categories and began testing, building expectations and adding tools for calendaring and webinar tracking.  


Results: Over the course of three years the organization’s communication campaigns experienced significant changes the design of the e-mail communications that demonstrated improved unique open and forward rates. Overall engagement with the targeted webinars improved, use of the archive library dramatically changed and the audience size by category blossomed. Management satisfaction with the program became well-grounded with healthy anticipation for new testing and analysis to further expand the reach and value of the program.

  • Unique engagement open rates increase to 86%, demonstrating audience interest.

  • Audience subscriptions varied growth across the categories from 26% to 225% growth.

  • E-Mail and Social Media driven traffic to the formal webpages became trackable and over three years showed a 400% increase

  • Unsubscribe activity by the respective audiences continued declining over the three years reaching a low of  .8%

  • Program costs declined year to year.

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