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Cover of Vintageflyer Media LLC book American Airpower bombers 1935-1960

American Airpower: Bombers 1935-1960 Vintage Aviation Photographs from WWII, Korea and the Cold War  

ISBN: 978-0-9827728-7-4  


As you turn the pages of American Airpower, you will see surprising vintage photographs of each of the bombers, dive bombers and fighter bombers that helped to create American airpower. There are fact filled narratives on each of its 120 pages with more than 140 photographs, most not seen in decades. This is the perfect book for the aviation or Warbird enthusiast. Readers tell us they look its pages time and time again seeing new detail on each visit.


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Book cover Vintage Airliners by John Cilio

Vintage Airliners: A Collection of Vintage Photographs 

ISBN: 978-0-9-827728-4-3


Most people don't know that lounges, sleeper compartments and commuter airliners are not new.Turing the pages of Vintage Airliners transports a reader from the first commercial passenger aircraft including the early Ford Tri-Motor, Curtiss Condor and Kingbird to the Douglas DC-1 and DC-3 and concludes with the early jet age of the Comet and 707.


Readers will find exciting interior pictures of early aircraft and the luxury aircraft of the 1950s. You'll see surprising lounge photographs with people enjoying a drink while they traveled around the world by propeller driven aircraft. American Airlines, United, Delta, Northwest, TWA, Pan American, Eastern, National, KLM, Australian National Airlines, Mohawk, Capital and dozens of other carriers are represented in seldom seen photographs. Looking over the pages of Vintage Airliners is like visiting a dozen museums while sitting in the comfort of your own home. 


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Book cover of Air Racers by John Cilio

Air Racers Photographs of the contests, people and aircraft that raced through time 1909-1949    

ISBN: 978-0-9827728-5-0  


Air racing has been around almost since the beginning of aviation. The competition started soon after there was a second aircraft. The Wright brothers are credited with advancing the theory of powered flight in 1903 but many inventors mimicked or even copied their designs in an attempt to improve upon the idea of powered flight.


Initially, competitions were for individual accomplishments like altitude or height, as it was referred to originally, speed or even time in the air. As more aircraft entered the skies their technologies became more sophisticated and rivalries evolved into races. The first international race was determined by 5.8 seconds. Curtiss, the American, won with an average speed of 46.5 miles per hour.


Fast forward thru the years and learn about the evolution of the air racing in the 1920s to what became the National Air Races. Learn about some of the difficulties and courageous winners of the Bendix, Thompson, SOHIO and Goodyear Trophies. The marvel of seeing an airplane for the first time as in the early days of air racing was gone forever. As the decade of the 1940s ended so did an era.   The book closes with the 1949 Cleveland Air Races.


Presentation cover for a talk about the history of women in the Armed Forces.

Women in the Armed Forces

Is a 45 minute multi-media discussion focusing on the impact that more women in the military during WWII then men in the military in 1939 had on the direction and outcome of the world war and their impact on future military direction.


Using a collection of vintage photographs your audience will learn how each of the service arms embraced women eventually and the top secret roles each supplied.


One of four popular talks available.

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