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Cessna Sensations

A Collection of Vintage Photographs


Cessna Sensations A Collection of Vintage Photographs          ISBN: 978-0-9827728-0-5      


Enjoy a nostalgic look at Cessna aircraft during the 1940s, 1950s and early 1960s, through ninety pages of vintage photographs and interesting, informative text. See the early aircraft when they were photographed new. The fact that many of the aircraft portrayed in this nostalgic look back are still flying is a testament to the design, craftsmanship and pilot enjoyment they provided. 


If you learned to fly, or spent time with Cessna aircraft, these unique images will rekindle many memories.Sit back and take a ride through Cessna's history including the WWII aircraft, transports and the golden years of aviation. Cessna sells this book thru the company's flying club. 


Cessna Sensations
Review:  Atlantic Flyer Newspaper
"Vintage Flyer Media LLC, the Connecticut-based small publisher, states its slogan as "telling the stories that slipped through the cracks of time" and John Cilio's two paperback photography collections accomplish exactly that. Over 150 perfect, black and white photographs capture the aircraft that brought eminence and a permanent fascination to the booming industry of flight.

Everyone can name a handful of aircraft, such as Cessna, Piper, or Mooney, but rare peeks inside lesser known cockpits will delight and perhaps surprise even the hardcore aviation buff. Completing each snapshot is a basic summary of the control systems and features of each craft, such as the supercharged WACO SRE, a Rearwin Cloudster, Miles Aerovan, Fleet Canuck, or the Funk Model B-85-C Bee. Also featured in the photos are the occasional celebrity or mogul: movie star Joan Leslie sits in the cockpit of the Lockheed Constellation she was filmed in for the film Janie Gets Married; Howard Hughes pensively examines the interior of the Spruce Goose before the famous first and last flight; and Donald W. Douglas of the Douglas Aircraft company poses proudly with a foot on the step of a 1947 Douglas Cloudster II. For the perfectionist in historical accuracy, there is little to worry of in John Cilio's research and presentation. An honorary member of the Danbury, CT WWII Lost Squadron Veterans and recipient of the American Marketing Association Silver Effie, Cilio has authored over 200 articles and appeared as a speaker in more than 60 countries.

Far from a dry collection of dusty images, all 111 pages of Portals into the Sky hold at least some small fascination in their own unique way, and will make modern pilots lust after the golden age of flight."


Brigit Hartop - Reporter Atlantic Flyer Newspaper

Atlantic Flyer review of Cessna Sensations
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