Air Racers

Photographs of the Contests, People and Aircraft that raced through time 1909-1949

Air Racers Photographs of the contests, people and aircraft that raced through time 1909-1949    

ISBN: 978-0-9827728-5-0  


Air racing has been around almost since the beginning of aviation. The competition started soon after there was a second aircraft. The Wright brothers are credited with advancing the theory of powered flight in 1903 but many inventors mimicked or even copied their designs in an attempt to improve upon the idea of powered flight.


Initially, competitions were for individual accomplishments like altitude or height, as it was referred to originally, speed or even time in the air. As more aircraft entered the skies their technologies became more sophisticated and rivalries evolved into races. The first international race was determined by 5.8 seconds. Curtiss, the American, won with an average speed of 46.5 miles per hour.


Fast forward thru the years and learn about the evolution of the air racing in the 1920s to what became the National Air Races. Learn about some of the difficulties and courageous winners of the Bendix, Thompson, SOHIO and Goodyear Trophies. The marvel of seeing an airplane for the first time as in the early days of air racing was gone forever. As the decade of the 1940s ended so did an era.   The book closes with the 1949 Cleveland Air Races.


Air Racing History John Cilio author