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Air Racers


Air Racers - Photographs of the contests, people and aircraft that raced through time 1909-1949 is  a new book highlighting the early years of the sport.  Packed with vintage photographs, air race postcards and stories a reader steps back in time to the challenges of the era. In the early days, racing at 26 mph and quickly increasing to triple digit speeds.

Two wars interceded the progress of air racing both encumbering the sport with a commonality of aircraft while increasing the speed and durability of a racer. Pilots fought for position to win enormous prize money of the day. Risking their lives while becoming national and international heroes.

There are plenty of facts coupled with photographs of the men and women pilots to set the stage for Reno and Red Bull racing competition today. The book has extensive coverage of most of the U.S. races and especially the Goodyear Races, using rare photographs originally distributed by Goodyear News Service. 

Printed in the U.S.A. in very limited quantity. Available on Amazon on through this site. 
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