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Available February 2013
Women's Work In WWII   Millions of working women break down the barriers of gender discrimination

American Airpower: Fighters 1935 to 1960
A collection of WWII, Korea and Cold War Fighter Photographs

A collection of vintage photographs celebrating the
collective will of American's to defend the country and its pilots. The book features vintage photographs of the pursuit aircraft, fighters, designers, ground crews and pilots that helped a legend.  Scheduled for publishing January/February 2014.


Air Races: A collection of vintage photographs

Air Races steps the reader back to a time when racing aircraft was one of the top sporting events in the country. Children dreamed of flying in air races of the 1920s and 1930s. After WWII, faster aircaft, modified fighters entered the competition and crowds were finally able to see the warbirds they had read about in the newspapers. Seeing the large vintage images of people and aircraft while they participated in the sport offers hours of entertaining excitement. Scheduled for publishing in the first half 2014.

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