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Helicopter Evolution
  Helicopter Evolution
- A Collection of Vintage          
                                                                                                                                  Rotorcraft Photographs
ISBN: 978-0-9827728-2-9             

Helicopter Evolution shares vintage images, 1907 thru 1974, of the rotorcraft and the creative visionaries who experimented with new rotorcraft designs continually pushing the envelope.  Featuring a foreword by Nickolai Sikorsky, the book shows the inventions, improvements and advancements of helicopters that were captured on film and have been lost or forgotten for decades. Updated with six new vintage helicopters and military designations.

The book shares a private archive of vintage commercial photographs seldom seen that include all types of rotorcraft photographs  including; American Helicopter, Bendix, Brantley, Cessna, Curtis-Wright, and Curtiss-Wright, de Bothezat, Domain, Firestone, Helicopter Engineering, Mc Culloch, Marquardt and Roteron. Many other better known helicopter company are included like: Boeing, Sikorsky, Hiller, Piasecki, Kaman and Kellett. Each photograph is accompanied by informative narrative often provided from the original press release.

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"A fascinating book that has given me an entirely new appreciation for the helicopter industry and its pioneers."Elan Head, Editor-in-Chief, Vertical Magazine

Nickolai Sikorsky & John Cilio spoke and signed books during a recent book signing for Helicopter Evolution.

Reader Comments:

"A must read for any rotorcraft enthusiast. Truly a walk through the history of the early days of helicopter flight." Ron Whitney, President/Publisher Rotorcraft Professional Magazine

"A visual history, full of amazing insights and photographs about the early helicopters up to the Bell Cobra!” –Richard Porter, Publisher Atlantic Flyer
“One of the most definitive books on early helicopters we have ever seen – and we’ve seen a lot.  Great vintage photographs from when the aircraft were new. We have several of these unusual helicopters in our museum, come and see them in person.”
Classic Rotors Museum

"Despite being close to the helicopter story for many years of my life, I was surprised and intrigued by so many pictures I had never seen before. The drama, complexity and variety of this wonderful life-saving and life-serving machine is beautifully captured in these pages. This unique book should enrich the library of every aircraft enthusiast whether of rotary or fixed wings."
Nickolai Sikorsky  

“Astonishing book with over 130 pages of vintage helicopter photographs with the people who flew them!” −Mario Salvator, U.S. Army Medic Retired        

Updated with six new helicopters, new information many of the early birds and better military designation clarity. 
New Index 

Sample pages from Helicopter Evolution

A third party review:
Helicopter Evolution: A Collection of Vintage Rotorcraft Photographs may be the most comprehensive visual history of the helicopter ever assembled in a single volume. 

Although modestly titled, the book is an enthralling visual journey through the first 70 years of U.S.-based helicopter innovation.  It features more than 175 photographs, some of them long thought lost and spotlighting innovations that might otherwise go undocumented.  Those remarkable photographs, coupled with crisp narrative and fact-filled captions, take the reader back in time, clearly illustrating the tug and pull of emerging aerodynamic technologies and the men who continually innovated to push forward the concept of rotorcraft flying.

From the very earliest bicycle-based contraptions to more modern aircraft incorporating fixed wing and jet engine technologies -- and even a few with nautical and automobile motifs -- virtually every major advance is illustrated.  And, in keeping with the up and down nature of the technology, the author includes once-promising concepts that never achieved their hoped-for potential. 

Helicopter Evolution also features a forward by Nikolai Sikorsky and an easy to use index listing the many manufacturers of helicopters and their key models. Author John Cilio is an aviation enthusiast who specializes in vintage aircraft.  Helicopter Evolution is his fifth book.  

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