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About the Author

John thrives on researching the ghosts of our past, uncovering the underlying forces and historical trends that one single event rarely impacts. Yet he is compelled to share the experience of those events from the perspective of someone from that time, that era. Finding how the decisions of a few affect the destiny and stories of thousands of other people motivates his curiosity.  He believes that often the consequences of a historical incident were hidden e that experienced it yet looking back one can the sense the full impact of their moments in time.

As a child, John Cilio discovered the drama and significance behind stories from history that are not presented in textbooks. Growing up with seven uncles, some who fought in WWII and others who experienced WWI, he listened to their stories as a young child.
His grandmother told him stories from her mother, about General Sherman standing on the porch of their North Carolina farm house during the Civil War. When he later learned about the events in school, he found most textbook accounts of history bland and hardly memorable. His goal as an author of six historical books is to make history relevant, engaging, and enlightening.

John has written over 200 articles and contributed to several books covering everything from steam driven automobiles, to a secret B-24 mission to bomb Tokyo. Published in more than 20 publications, John is an American Marketing Association Silver Effie winner and has spoken to large and small audiences in over 60 countries around the world. John also writes on social media and web marketing topics.

As a member of AOPA (Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association), EAA (Experimental Aircraft Association) and a member of the Danbury, Connecticut, WWII Lost Squadron Veterans organization, his stories are recognized for their excellence in accuracy and authenticity. When John is not documenting the past he is a practicing digital communication strategist.

To request a speaking engagement on this or any of his other book topics or to share your comments, please send an email to:

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