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American Airpower: Bombers

American Airpower: Bombers 1935-1960  American Airpower: Bombers                                                                                   1935-1960
                                                                                                            Vintage Aviation Photographs from    
                                                                                                            WWII, Korea and the Cold War

                                                                                       ISBN: 978-0-9827728-7-4  

This is the perfect book for the aviation or Warbird enthusiast. Readers tell us they look its pages time and time again seeing new detail on each visit. As you turn the pages, you will see surprising vintage photographs of each of the bombers, dive bombers and fighter bombers that helped to create American Airpower. There is fact filled narrative on each of its 120 pages with more than 140 photographs, most not seen in decades. 

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 Readers comments:

“John Cilio has managed to write this book so it will appeal to all age groups, from those with little or no knowledge of bomber aircraft, right thru to those who are serious aviation buffs. It is well illustrated with informative text and lots of great photographs. A book you can return to, time and time again”. – Paul Clouting, Aviation Historian

“My Uncle, Stephen Johnson was, at age 18, a ball turret gunner on the B-17 exactly as depicted on page ii.  I was a B-26 gunner 52-53 in Korea, at age 17.  I went on with B-29s, B-36s, and briefly, the B-52. He got out after the war while I continued for a 28 year career. We visit by phone, often reliving our aviation eras. American Airpower: Bombers 1935 - 1960, is aluminum manna from heaven for us. “   Dan Moore   - Lt. Col, USAF, Retired

 “If you want to see the bombers that protected our Nation’s freedom from WWII into the 1960s, this book delivers. The book should be on the desk of every military aviation history buff in the country.” Richard Porter - Publisher Atlantic Flyer Newspaper

Sample page from American Airpower: Bombers 1935 to 1960

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