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Vintage Flyer Media LLC  publishes books that focus on an earlier era. Our authors are encourged to speak at events, conventions and small groups. Each of our books contain classic vintage photographs that were once distributed in a press release. Most press release photographs were thrown away, some were locked away and forgotten for decades.

The Vintage Flyer Media LLC archive of original photographs reignites the excitement that these photographs brought to the public  years ago. Our books are available on, historical catalogs and through this website with free shipping and through a variety of museums and online catalogs across the country. Some locations are listed and linked below. All of our books are printed in the U.S.A.  


Some of the locations where you can purchase our books locally -

 Fife & Drum Gift Shop     House of Books - Kent

 EAA Warbird Museum
Wings Over Miami       1940 Air Terminal Museum    U.S. Air Force Museum

 Centex Wing Air Museum     Aviation World ORD     Aviation Museum of New Hampshire   

Historic Aviation Catalog      Sherman Old Store       Alaska Aviation Museum      

Classic Rotor Museum         American Airpower Museum    

Please purchase your books from our website, our retailers or via 

Nickolai Sikorsky speaking to a group in aviation enthusists at the Sherman Historical Center during the book signing and talk for Helicopter Evolution.

WelcomeBooksAir RacersPresentationsPress Sample ArticlesContact UsFile Download